Calm before the Storm

Right now, most people tuning into HBO have been trying to see the seaon finale of True Detective and not the Real Sports episode in which I’m filmed performing surgery on a bulldog and chatting to Soledad O’Brien about ways to reduce many of the breed’s health issues.  This episode was scheduled to air Feb 27th but, according to the show’s producer, we will have to wait until April (no date yet but I’ll update when I know).

Meanwhile, just four weeks left to the release of Dog Gone, Back Soon.  For me this is always the calm before the storm, getting organized for book reading/signings, preparing a slide show, deciding what I’m going to talk about.  It’s also that time when we get to discover whether the media will be interested in interviews and reviews.  There’s already a kind review from Kirkus, too bad it ran a little late to make the cover.  Here’s the link if you’re interested:

Now is also the time when I begin thinking about new projects.  Whether there’s a Bedside Manor #3, totally new fiction project or a return to the world of non-fiction, I’m really not sure.  As I wrote in Tell Me Where It Hurts, veterinarian’s are good at juggling.  I just need to decide which ball to catch.