The Wonder of Lost Causes

I don’t have a precise release date (other than May 2019); I don’t have a book cover (still a work in progress); but I’m told we are in agreement over the title.  The Wonder of Lost Causes will be the title of my new book, my sixth, and my first in five years.  Over the next few months I’ll be providing a lot more details regarding the story (it’s a novel), about what motivated me to write this book, why it has taken so long, as well as giveaways and events as the pub date approaches.  I’m off to visit my publisher, Harper Collins, in the first week of September, so hopefully will have much more to share soon.

Finally, exciting times!



Ebook deal for ‘Ever By My Side’

My brilliant publicist from Random House just let me know about an ebook deal that starts 2/11/18 and runs through 2/25/18.  During these dates, my memoir and third book, ‘Ever By My Side’ will be available through all digital retailers at a discounted price of $1.99!  Check it out!

Tell Me Where It Hurts EBook Special Offer

Just wanted to pass on this exciting promotion for ebook readers. From July 9th through July 23rd the ebook version of Tell Me Where It Hurts will be available to readers for $1.99 through all digital retailers.  Sweet deal!

New Book: Take 2

Some months ago, on a Sunday morning, I was standing in my local supermarket, hunting for a copy of the New York Times, when I received a call from my agent, Jeff Kleinman. This was exciting stuff.  A few days earflier I had submitted a first draft of my latest novel, knew he was reading it and,Continue Reading

New Book?

Some months ago, my daughter had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon and received a lesson in the art of ‘efficient’ communication.  Rather than a traditional ‘back and forth’ discussion about her issues, he would raise a question and answer it himself.  Not great bedside manner, in my opinion, but it was effective use ofContinue Reading

“Start a Series” Summer Reading Promotion

Just wanted to mention that The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs will be part of a summer reading promotion on where, from 6/20-6/23, the ebook will be discounted to $2.99. Fine reading fodder for the beach or wherever your summer takes you!

Dog Gone Updates!

The new book has been out for a little over two weeks and I’ve had a few pieces in an array of different media outlets.  Here are a few links to stories, articles and interviews that came about thanks to Dog Gone, Back Soon!    

Dog Gone, Back Soon Ebook Deal!

Just wanted to pass on a great deal from the ebook folks at Kobo.  From today through Easter Sunday (4/20/14) my new book, Dog Gone, Back Soon is available for just $2.99!  Click on the link for details: An Easter treat for you and your pets!

Patron Saint of Lost Dogs E-Book Promo!

With less than a week to go before the release of Dog Gone, Back Soon, here’s a chance to catch up on the first book in the series, The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs.  Follow the link for a $2.99 ebook deal through the e-tailer of your choice; Hurry, offer lasts this week throughContinue Reading

Calm before the Storm

Right now, most people tuning into HBO have been trying to see the seaon finale of True Detective and not the Real Sports episode in which I’m filmed performing surgery on a bulldog and chatting to Soledad O’Brien about ways to reduce many of the breed’s health issues.  This episode was scheduled to air Feb 27thContinue Reading